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On August 15th, 2016, Pasadena City Council cast another vote to sacrifice the integrity of the Civic Center by demolishing the Civic Gardens and garden-like settings of our monumental City Hall as part of a plan to build a 6-story Kimpton Hotel facing city hall.

Following the August 15th vote, we filed a lawsuit to challenge their approval of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Surplus Land declaration. Our lawsuit continues, and since then much has happened:

  • Kimpton Hotels asked that the City donate all of the Civic Gardens and the YWCA buildings
  • Citzens packed council chambers and said, “No, we will not give away the Civic Gardens and YWCA!” Council listened and said no to Kimpton Hotels
  • City Council appointed a 15-member, citizen-based Civic Center Task Force
  • The Civic Center Task Force met and recommended preserving the architectural heritage of the civic buildings, the Pasadena Robinson Memorial, and YWCA; and prioritizing civic uses
  • In summer 2019, City Staff issued a second Request for Proposals, with a requirement to build on the Civic Gardens!
  • 10 developer proposals were received and discussed at a November City Council meeting - now two proposals for hotel development are being considered.
  • City staff rejected 5 with no public input and continues to review the remaining 2, all of which include constructing a 6-story, 60-foot  building on the Civic Gardens north and south of Holly Street


Please CONTRIBUTE to help fund the lawsuit! Let City Council and Pasadena Heritage know your thoughts. They need to hear from you.


Email City Council

Mayor: [email protected]
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Pasadena Heritage Needs to Hear From You

Email or call Pasadena Heritage. They Needs to Hear From You
Sue Mossman, Executive Director: [email protected]
Andrew Salimian, Preservation Director: [email protected]
Please include a cc to Brian Baker, Chairman of the Board
Telephone (626) 441-6333 to leave a message

Tell them
  • Our First Priority is the Civic Center. We will not settle for a project that sells off the Civic Gardens or destroys the garden-like setting of City Hall
  • The YWCA is an important historic resource. While important, it is one of many important historic resources of the Civic Center as a whole – City Hall and the Civic Gardens along Holly and Garfield that create the garden-like setting; the Pasadena Robinson Memorial prominence and contemplative setting, and the YWCA. We should not sacrifice the integrity of the Civic Center to rehabilitate the YWCA
  • The Civic Gardens surrounding City Hall, the contemplative setting and prominence of the Pasadena Robinson Memorial, and the views to City Hall are essential to the historic integrity of the Civic Center
  • Let's preserve all - the Civic Gardens, Pasadena Robinson Memorial prominence, unobstructed views to City Hall, and the YWCA!


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